Saturday, May 10, 2008

Party Time!!

Da'Gorgeouses birthday celebration was held today. We decided to hold it in DrillSgt's home town at the pizza parlor he used to work at when he was in high school. Most of his family still lives in the area, and it's more of a halfway point for our family too, so we thought that would be a good idea. That is until we were rushing to pack up and leave, umm...forgetting to check and see if we still had diapers in the diaper bag (like DrillSgt. said, once in TWO years isn't bad). It all worked out as we had to stop and buy ice cream anyway.

The party was well attended. DrillSgt is one of 10 and only 3 of his siblings were missing. The rest showed up with their families and helped make it a GREAT party. Special thanks to tiosJ&I for their help decorating before anyone arrived, and to tiaC for helping with the clean-up. Good thing when our family says the party starts at noon, we can expect everyone to trickle in a half-hour to an hour later---LOL!! So let's see, we had tiosJ&I and their 3 (5), tiosM&C and their 2 (4), tiaC and her 2 (3), WelitaE (1), tioT&B and their 2 (4), tiaJ& her boyfriend Kike(2), tiaB (1), Grammy & Welo (2), ta-ta-ta & NoMike (2), WelitaM (1), NurseC and her granddaughter & Dil (3), tioR&J (2), L&D and N (3), Meti (1), Ricky (1), E&M & Angel (3), I need to think more about this to make sure I didn't miss anyone. It was loads of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, PLUS the pizza was DELICIOUS!!

Da'Gorgeouses made off with tons of loot, I think they had a BLAST opening all the gifts, although I was hot & tired after all that. AND then to top it all off, we headed over to my sister's to celebrate Mother's Day a little early! LOL!! It was a GREAT, but very long, very tiring day. Did I mention Da'Gorgeouses only took a small 20 minute nap and didn't fall asleep until we arrived home @ 11:30 pm?!!

Pics to follow!




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