Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Easing Into Summer

Da'Gorgeouses and I had another super busy day today. First of all it was bath day. And boy do my girls love their bath. I suppose it's because I fill it up and let them play. They splash me, they sing songs, they splash each other, it's so much fun. Of course it makes me wish I didn't have to take those fast showers and could just relax and take a nice bubble bath sometimes. They've got the routine down too, they know that when I wear my jammie shorts exactly what's going to happen. Pistol took one look at me and said "bath today", "yep, that's right, you're getting a bath today." I then clean them up (this is right after breakfast), make them head over to the changing room, get them ready and we all walk over to the bath. It's down to a science...well...almost, the getting out part is usually what we still have a little trouble with. Those two would spend all day in there if I let them.

After lunch & their nap I decided to take them for a visit to see some of my former colleagues at my former work place. It was late and I didn't think I'd catch very many people there, but I hoped that I'd at least see some of the people that used to work late (just like I used to). Sure enough I saw Kelly, Kathleen, Armando, George, Bob, Nanci, JoAnn, Sherri, and Janine, and as we were walking out I even ran into Donna. They really enjoyed seeing the girls again, and it was so nice to see everyone. I will admit I didn't have that pull to return to work like I did before. Funny how that old familiar feeling just vanished and has been totally replaced by a new one. It's strange to realize that something you devoted so much time to and had such a joy doing has totally been replaced by something else, something better, something you never knew even existed until you were right in the middle of it all! Little did I know the day they were born when I called and spoke to Janine and told her, "I won't be coming back to work this year, I'm a mom now" it would be two years later and I'm still saying the same thing! Crazy!!

I had to make a call to DrillSgt and catch him before he came home. I had planned out a meal this morning, started working on it during the girl's nap, but had forgotten one of the ingredients. I needed him to pick up a can of Mt. Dew because I needed it to make a delicious dessert, PW's apple dumplings. I guess yesterday's tortilla trial run gave me the courage I needed to try out a few new things. The other reason I chose to make these (besides the fact that they look absolutely yummy) was that I wanted Da'Gorgeouses to help. They've been saying "help birthday cake" for the last few days, so I thought they might like to help make these. Both Pistol and LongRifle did well, they helped roll the apples in the crescent rolls, mix & pour the sauce and even sprinkled the cinnamon. I also decided to go all out, and made the Hot-Crash Potatoes posted on PW's site too (which DrillSgt. loved). Da'Gorgeouses did okay with eating the potatoes, but they really enjoyed their dessert, I mean who wouldn't like something that has 2 sticks of butter and 1 1/2 cups of sugar?! That's for the entire recipe by the way (both DrillSgt. and I agreed it was way too sweet for our tastebuds, so next time I'll cut down on the sugar). I had one, Da'Gorgeouses shared one, and DrillSgt. (wanting to make sure I make these again) went back for seconds. I told him to take the rest to school tomorrow and share them, I REALLY don't need them here at home.

Two more days and DrillSgt. is off for the summer. Things seem to be settling into our summer routine already. This week is going by fast and I'm looking forward to DrillSgt. having an opportunity to enjoy spending time with Pistol and LongRifle like I do. LongRifle counted to 20 while we were shopping at Wal*world today, she confused 15 through 17 but after being reminded got back on track and finished to 20! Hooray!! I asked DrillSgt. if he thought other parents thought I was strange because I walk around shopping, pushing Da'Gorgeouses and we're either singing a song, singing our ABC's or counting. He said probably. I just figure it's a good way to keep them entertained, what else are we going to do with our time?!

**Pics of Da'Gorgeouses "helping" make tonight's dessert will be posted tomorrow!


SKELLER June 5, 2008 at 9:52 AM  

What an amazing, wonderful story your family has. Your two darling children are beautiful and your blog has such a joyful feel to it :-)

Thanks for your kind words over at my blog.



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