Thursday, June 5, 2008

Uno, Dos, Tres...

Seriously, I don't know how they do it! Da'Gorgeouses woke up this morning and were really chatty, laughing and singing and talking to each other. When I walked in I was greeted with a "good morning (guh mornin)" by LongRifle, followed by "It's Friday, Marisa". I had to laugh out loud at that, no it's not Friday yet, but yes, Marisa comes on Friday and that's tomorrow. She then said "puppy", I guess because she remembered that Marisa did not bring the puppy with her last Friday (I sure hope she remembers it tomorrow). Tomorrow is the last time they will see her, at least until summer vacation is over. Goodness those girls surprise me every day! Anyway, they were in a good mood, I needed to get some exercise so I turned on the radio and we danced. Not the holding hands and swaying back and forth kind of dancing, the move your hips and toss your hair and shimmy your shoulders kind of dancing. The kind that after about 2 songs your totally done because your heart is racing and you've started sweating so much you need another shower. Da'Gorgeouses loved it, and besides getting their groove on they were laughing up a storm. What a GLORIOUS way to start the morning!

The rest of the day was pretty routine, but when DrillSgt. got home we decided to go out for dinner. We chose to walk to a nearby restaurant, and Da'Gorgeouses decided they wanted to hold our hands and each other's hands on our way over there. It was too cute! I wish I had a clone that could have taken a picture of it, DrillSgt. and I on the outside and Da'Gorgeouses on the inside. I dressed them up in a pretty little flowered dress too! The restaurant we went to is a nice Italian one, and there we ran into Dorothy and her husband Bob. Those two have to be about the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. They really love to see the girls. Dorothy even gives DrillSgt. and I a big hug and kiss whenever she sees us, and you bet she doesn't miss out on the opportunity to squeeze and kiss Da'Gorgeouses. And well Bob, who turned 80 this year, as quiet and reserved as he is, he just breaks out into a big smile and says, "Those two little girls just amaze me, I love to see them!" They are such nice people.

The rest of the dinner was okay. I will say that next time we go there we won't be ordering any red marinara sauce for Da'Gorgeouses. I don't know what I was thinking but I immediately regretted it when LongRifle took her spoon and started hitting her plate with it sending the sauce flying sky high and into my hair all across the table and all over the pretty white lattice they use to decorate the place. Oh well, you live and learn, no regrets just chalk it up as a learning experience.

Knowing good and well it was almost time for bed, we decided to be brave and follow our dinner with a trip to Office Max. Yes, DrillSgt. and I must be gluttons for punishment, because I'm sure you can already imagine how that whole adventure played out. They were okay for a little while (5 minutes or so) when they ran into another little girl a few years older than them. Well LongRifle decided she wanted to make a new friend and began chasing this little girl all around the store, it turns out her mother was one of the long term subs after Da'Gorgeouses were born. We chatted for a little while and then LongRifle took off again, this time in search of her papá. Unfortunately, she didn't look where she was going, ran into a display, scraped some skin off of her nose and immediately started crying. By this time Pistol was also wriggling and screaming to get out of DrillSgt's. arms and we knew we'd really pushed our luck---they were ready for bed. The nice thing was that as soon as we arrived home they went straight to the changing room and went to bed without a fight. As I was rocking LongRifle to sleep she decided she wanted to leave me with one last surprise and she counted to 10 in Spanish all on her own!




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