Monday, June 23, 2008

My Future Princesses

So being the only children of their DrillSgt. daddy and being that they just so happen to be girls does not necessarily mean that they will only learn the girlie girl stuff DrillSgt. always seems to stress about. Yes, they love to wear dresses, yes, they twirl around and say "Princess" but deep down they're also budding tomboys. DrillSgt. has taught them a few choice words (nothing foul) but a few things that would make any proper young lady blush. Da'Gorgeouses don't seem to have that blushing thing down yet, of course, they are only two.

Overheard in conversation...

"I farted. Excuse me."

"It's okay, I farted too!"

Still makes me laugh out loud and this conversation took place this morning! Oh well, at least someone said excuse me!




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