Tuesday, June 24, 2008

They're So Much More Confident

DrillSgt. had the opportunity to go with Da'Gorgeouses to "school." They were so excited to return. Pistol of course, attached herself to daddy right away and wanted him to run through the obstacles with her. LongRifle didn't seem to mind hanging out with me, but I did notice that they switched parents about halfway through the time ON THEIR OWN, hooray! In the past, DrillSgt and I have made it a point to switch girls during activities like these, it gives each of them one on one time with us and seems to work out well. It was funny that they did it on their own today. DrillSgt. and I did notice that the staff kept remarking on how much more confident Da'Gorgeouses seemed. I don't know if it was that they were showing off for daddy, or that they have had so much more practice and are really feeling confident. My guess, it was a little of both. Whatever the reason I was happy to know that others are seeing an improvement.




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