Thursday, June 26, 2008

Out For A Picnic

DrillSgt. wanted to take Da'Gorgeouses and I out for a picnic today. The air quality didn't even cross our minds, at least not until we were headed up the mountain and our throats started to itch from all the junk in the air. Anyways, we turned back around and stopped to have a picnic in a small town only part way up the hill. They've built an awesome playground in the small mini-park located right between their fire station and the local mini-mart/gas station. Da'Gorgeouses had a lot of fun and Pistol thought me saying "wood chips" was the most hilarious thing on earth. DrillSgt. said she must have been associating the word chips and thinking that there was no way she was going to eat those funny looking chips off the ground. LongRifle got the biggest kick out of being pushed on the swings. We only lasted outdoors a little while, our air quality is horrid right now!




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