Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Disney Pics 2

Okay, the pics of Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater and TheMike Wazowski were all taken while we were watching the Pixar Play Parade @ the California Adventure theme park. During this time Pistol decided she was going to fall asleep, LongRifle, being the thrill-seeker that she is, had no such intentions.

So here we are pointing at something (I don't remember what) and there is Pistol leaning back asleep in her stroller. Oh yeah, that boy to the left and all those hands on the back of our stroller, I have absolutely NO idea who those people are, they just stepped in and joined us, and suddenly disappeared after the parade was over.

Did you notice the two adorable kids sleeping in the right hand corner of the pic? They were brother and sister and he feel asleep hugging her, it was so cute. They, like Pistol, also slept through the entire parade, and now that I think about it, their dad was snoozing leaning back on that tree too.

So while Pistol was sleeping and LongRifle was enjoying being an only child, LongRifle had the opportunity not only to get wet with a whole bunch of other kids, but to ride the hot air balloons TWICE, once with mamá and once with papá.

And I took this shot just in case Pistol ever asks why there isn't a picture of her on that ride. I figured, as smart as she is, she's going to need some proof that she was asleep while all this fun was taking place. Thank goodness those digital cameras leave all that time stamp info. she'll probably ask me for that someday too!

By far, Da'Gorgeouses loved this ride the best. Who doesn't love riding on a carousel? DrillSgt. missed out on the excitement of their first carousel ride (and second and third---they cried when I took them off), he was a little too busy waiting in line for some crazy roller coaster. While viewing the pics he did ask me how exactly I was able to take them while the carousel was moving (a tint of concern in his voice)---Da'Gorgeouses answered him as soon as they saw these they yelled out "HOLD ON TIGHT!" LOL!!




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