Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Da'Gorgeouses had their final shot today, that is, at least until they turn 4, or until flu season rolls around again. The nurse asked me which one should go first, LongRifle of course, she's very sensitive and doesn't quite understand why anyone would hurt her on purpose. She cried A LOT, and kept shooting the poor nurse accusatory looks as she watched Pistol get her shot. I just know if she would have watched Pistol get her shot first there's just no way we could've even calmed her down enough to get hers. Pistol took it all like a champ, she winced a little then shot the nurse a look that could kill (I have NO idea where she gets that from)! That poor nurse was still trying to get over poor LongRifle's pitiful cries and mumbled accusations. I swear I heard something to the effect of "How could you do that to me? It hurts, what did I do to make you give me an owie?! I thought you were nice." It was all garbled through massive raining tears so I had to make up my own translation.

DrillSgt. went with us for the first time. I think he took it all to heart. He even stopped at the local donut shop to buy them a cookie for their pain. LongRifle was still sniffling in the back seat and kept pointing and saying "owie hurts". They didn't have any cookies so he brought them a maple donut. I'd say that took their minds off of the owie pretty quick and it lasted as long as the donut did. As soon as I cleaned up her hands, making sure to take off every last bit of "sticky" donut, she immediately went back to pointing and saying "owie". LOL!! It didn't last all day though, as soon as we walked into Target and picked up some $1 toys and books all the "hurt" was forgotten.


SKELLER July 10, 2008 at 7:58 AM  

Shots. ugh. I hate those particular doc visits. I'm glad with you that you're done for a couple years :-)



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