Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Head & Heart---Gemini & Cancer

Matthew over @ childsplayx2 posted about their parenting style compatibility from Baby Center Horoscopes. It made me curious as to what it would say about DrillSgt. and my own parenting styles. Well, here's our results, DrillSgt. being the twisted twin Gemini & I being the crabby crab Cancer:

Head & Heart:

You two are quite different in your approaches to parenting. One of you comes from the head and the other from the heart, so between you all the bases
are covered! The Gemini parent is the more cerebral and talkative. You prefer
intellect to emotion, and you'll be the one to help your children with their
homework as well as many of the fun projects they want to try. You like new
things and a variety of activities, and will provide these for your children to
their delight.The Cancer parent is a nurturing force to be reckoned with. You
will introduce your children to the traditions and rituals of your youth, and
will incorporate them into your family life. You're sensitive and emotional, so
your children will be able to pour their hearts out to your sympathetic ear.

I decided to check further what each parenting sign said, this is what it specifically had to say about DrillSgt.

The Great Communicator

As a Gemini parent, you bring a sense of fun and humor to your household. You love to challenge your family intellectually, so you can often be found working on crossword puzzles with your kids or playing a game of Scrabble after dinner.

Conversation and debate are an integral part of your family life. You love reading to your children, taking them to a movie, or watching a TV show together, and then discussing it afterward. You value a keen mind and will raise your kids to be as sharp-witted, curious, and opinionated as you are.

Communication is one of your strengths, but as a Gemini, you tend to intellectualize your emotions, getting caught up in logic and skimping on your intimate connections. So be sure to let your children know how you feel, especially how much you love and support them. And be openhearted and comforting when they need it.

Your children will adore your fun-loving, mercurial mind. Your tastes change often, and your kids are likely to find this both exciting and stimulating. But be sure to provide them with a stable base as well. Children need continuity and routine, and it's important that you provide your kids with rituals they can count on, such as regular family dinners, a bedtime routine, time to do their homework and exercise, and so on. You can bring spontaneity and amusement into your family life in other arenas to far better effect.

DrillSgt. is fun loving and humorous, I've posted many times about that. He LOVES conversation & debate, and is sharp-witted, curious and opinionated. His tastes do change often and although he is intellectual, he has no difficulty sharing his emotions with Da'Gorgeouses. He gives them great big hugs and tells them a million times daily that he loves them, and he has learned to be openhearted and comforting when it really counts.

The description they had for me seemed to really hit the nail on the head...

A Sense of Belonging

As a Cancer parent, you're probably very involved in the childrearing process (umm, yeah I am now a SAHM). You enjoy and learn from every miraculous moment of pregnancy, birth, and your child's growth. You're loving, protective, sensitive, and compassionate. If you're a typical Cancer, you may be a nurturing dynamo, creating a safe and cozy home environment for your loved ones.

Caretaking is how you show your love, and this is your seat of power -- but it's not control you want most. You have a primal need to feel safe, secure, and needed (I admit, I've always been like this). You try to do everything for your family, so that they'll depend upon you (luckily for me, having twins cures this problem really fast).

This is perfectly appropriate when you're caring for a baby, but every Cancer parent must remember: If you do everything for your children, they won't learn to take care of themselves. Be sure to teach them the skills you've mastered.

Overprotectiveness is another pitfall the Cancer parent should try to avoid. If you constantly hover over your child, letting go could be a challenge as you watch them grow and change. Deep inside, of course, you know it's all part of the cycle of life (I know this and I fight the urge EVERY DAY, so far I think I'm winning!).

Tradition speaks to you; some may even consider you old-fashioned. Holiday customs, family rituals, even ceremonies of religion or faith feed your soul with that strong sense of continuity and community that helps you thrive. The irresistible sensation of your feet on your home turf, surrounded by loved ones and protecting your brood under your generous wing: This is what you live for (something I never thought was me, but go figure?! It is!!!).

Okay, so the bottom line is that I can't really help the way I am, but luckily it looks like DrillSgt. and I balance each other out when it comes to parenting! LOL!!




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