Friday, July 11, 2008

Loving and Tenacious

Da'Gorgeouses had a GREAT day again yesterday. It seemed like we were super busy but they dealt with everything very well. DrillSgt. had a contractor come out and meet with us about possibly remodeling our home, or maybe doing something else. It's all still in the preliminary stages so there's really nothing set yet. We've been talking about it for awhile, this time we've actually taken a small step forward by making an appointment. She's pretty straight forward and I really liked that about her, plus she has a "preemie" of her own, who is now 19. She gave us her thoughts about our situation and some suggestions of how to recoup some of our space (which we'd already knew we just have to act on it). Either way, at least we've taken a step. Da'Gorgeouses were down for a nap during this time so we had plenty of freedom to talk with her uninterrupted.

The new summer assistant came out to work with Da'Gorgeouses. They responded fairly well to Maria (but she's no Marissa). She only has more visit then they're on vacation for three more weeks then Marissa comes back----HOORAY!! I really miss Marissa, and Da'Gorgeouses have asked for her quite a bit. I keep telling them she's on vacation. So Marissa, if you're reading this be prepared for two excited little girls when you return! Joan came today too. They made sure to give her a big hug when she left. I think it's great how they're so kind and loving, makes me smile every time see them be like that with others.

We had a fun time last night. We took them out to dinner and both LongRifle and Pistol really worked hard on using their spoon to eat. Pistol even went so far as to tip her bowl over and pour the food into the spoon so she could eat off of it. When that stopped working she picked up the bowl and slurped the rest of the food right out (we were eating the egg soup they serve at Chinese restaurants). She is tenacious and has great problem solving skills. LongRifle kept leaning over and kissing my forearm then laying her head on my arm, it was too cute. After dinner we took a short drive then headed home. Once home, we let them play with flashlights then DrillSgt. and I had fun being silly with them. We'd take turns growling and they'd squeal in delight. We were all laughing up a storm and they were super ready for a bath, new pj's (Elmo & Curious George short pj's) and bed. Pistol tried to cry again, but gave up after DrillSgt. told her she would be sleeping in her crib tonight no matter what. I guess she figured he was serious because we didn't hear a peep out of her after that.

As for me, turns out the eye thing was nothing to worry about, just a busted blood vessel AND I can wear my contacts!!! Hooray!! I really like our eye doc, he's no Dr. K, but he does his best to remember the little things about his patients. He always asks about the "twins" and remembers that dh and I are in the teaching profession. Dr. K remembered EVERYTHING about us, even though it was a year between visits. That type of quality is rare to find now a days, that's just one of the many things I love about living in a small town.




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