Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Set of Fraternal Twins...

Da'Gorgeouses were really talkative, animated and all around fun yesterday. They woke up in a good mood, smiles on their faces, asking me, "You no gotta work today Mamá?" BTW, we do speak correctly around here---and do the entire rephrasing when answering, I figure they'll get the sentence structure as they grow, for now it's too cute (I never said I wrote correctly---run-on sentences were always my weakness)! After breakfast we played for awhile and then I decided to take them out back for a bit. It was so nice out that we had a picnic lunch and by the time we were done, they were totally ready for their nap, no fight, no contrariness whatsoever.

I've started on a new project. I came across a make your own doll template (courtesy of the extremely talented and super successful Emily from theblackapple on Martha Stewart---template for personal use only) and decided that I wanted to make one for each of Da'Gorgeouses. So today I gathered my materials, asked them to pick out the fabric and started them up. Both Pistol and LongRifle were really excited to see them start growing right before their very eyes. It's kind of like the crochet sweaters I made for them last year. They each know they're getting one, and that I'm making it for them. They watched with interest as I cut out the pieces, as I drew on the face (in pencil still for now), as I started hand sewing each one together. It's gone fairly quickly and they aren't perfect but as with every thing hand made, they're made with lots of love. Even DrillSgt. was impressed at what they're looking like (I think he's sometimes very surprised at some of the things I'm willing to try, and at the mere fact that I do have it in me to be creative). I made sure to cut out everything for both, and as I assemble them I'm making sure to work on both alternately, that way one isn't "more" finished than the other. I'll be sure to post pictures of the finished products, but not until they're both finished, after all, they'll be fraternal twins too!




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