Monday, September 15, 2008

High Energy and Melodrama

Ahhhh, my project is coming along nicely, I'm almost halfway finished with it. I still haven't taken any pictures and probably won't until it's done. I've noticed that the projects that I start and take pictures of during construction often times don't get finished...of course, that may just be my imagination, but I will admit I still haven't put the buttons on LongRifle's crocheted sweater---LOL!!

Da'Gorgeouses really tried my patience yesterday, maybe again it might have just been me, but I think they were really testing their boundaries, Pistol in particular. Time-outs don't seem to work out in public, how do you all handle that? Sometimes, leaving the area isn't an option, so we deal with the behaviors as best we can, but it's times like those that really chap my hide, because I know they know better.

Pistol has also taken to screaming and crying when people leave after visiting with us for awhile. She's super melodramatic too, including the whole extending your arms, tears streaming down the cheeks, yelling "don't go, take me with you!" scene. LongRifle just looks at her like she's gone crazy, sometimes she'll try to comfort her, sometimes she just shakes her head in disbelief, it's not easy being the twin sister of a Drama's even more difficult being the mother of one---LOL!! Don't get me wrong, LongRifle has her moments too. She gets super wound up when she's tired, and she can spin circles around the most energetic person in the world when she's like that. She can pity cry at the drop of a hat when she gets like that, but she'll at least give you fair warning it's coming. I know when she's tired though, besides getting wound up, she starts shrugging her shoulders and side stepping (almost waltzing), both sure signs that she's in need of a nap.

It's a new day and back to work I go. I'm already missing them (even the high energy and melodrama of it all)!




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