Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick List #1

I love...
  • hearing Da'Gorgeouses say phrases like "I need a BIG hug mamá" & "gimmie a kiss right here"
  • being greeted by their morning smiles
  • watching them share
  • hearing Pistol tell LongRifle "Be careful sissy don't fall down" as she stands on top of the desk chair in the playroom
  • how LongRifle will wait for Pistol to catch up (she never leaves her behind)
  • how they can now climb up onto the "big" couch by themselves
  • hearing them ask to go outside to play
  • having my mom tell me they helped her find the wipes when she asked (and glad I taught them where we store the extras)
  • knowing they'll choose a dress over pants when given the choice
  • watching them pick out which dress they'll wear
  • how that one little ringlet always manages to fall into LongRifle's eye, and watching her gently push it aside
  • Pistol's hearty "belly" laugh
  • watching her brain work as I look into her eyes as Pistol searches for the just the right word
  • hearing LongRifle pull out her Spanish words and using them correctly
  • how they'll just go up to one another and offer up a big hug
  • sneaking in at night one last time before I head to bed just to watch them sleep


Childsplayx2 September 16, 2008 at 7:11 AM  

Great list!

You'll love reading this when they're older!



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