Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Intermittent Blogging (Like My Internet Service)

Wouldn'tcha' know that along with my desktop crashing I've also been having difficulties with my Internet connection? Ugghh, what a pain in my behind!

Few things have happened lately, Pistol is still off and on having a bit of tummy trouble, no temps just a sour tummy and only every once in awhile not on a consistent daily basis. She's in good spirits though, so I'm inclined to agree with GrdnGirl that the molar that she's cutting is affecting her digestion with all the excessive spit swallowing that goes along with that type of thing.

The Preemie Picnic was fun, we had the opportunity to see a lot of the nurses and some of the doctor's that cared for Da'Gorgeouses while they were in the NICU. They drew a lot of attention whenever we walked up to talk to someone, we were there for a long time and both DrillSgt. and I were very talkative with everyone (and asked A LOT of questions) so of course they remembered us. Da'Gorgeouses had a great time, came home with a free book each, we bought them a T-shirt (I think that's the only way they raise any money for all the stuff that they do), they enjoyed some free popcorn, there was lunch available to us (but we'd just eaten), and we missed out on the face painting, but did have the chance to take a family portrait (which will be delivered in the mail). Nurse Carrie gave me a CD of the pictures she'd taken at their birthday party and we had the opportunity to meet her nice husband. I still need to email the pics I took, I also need to either email or send a hard copy of a few pics of Da'Gorgeouses to Dr. Thustu so that she can forward them to Dr. Denson. Dr. Denson was Da'Gorgeouses primary neonatologist and right before they left the NICU she had discovered that she had cancer, well, she's still fighting the battle and if you all could please take some time to say a prayer for her (and her family), we'd greatly appreciate it. She's done a lot for a lot of preemies/NICU patients and there families, not just ours, but we happen to think that besides her family we must love her the most!

Here's a few pics from the PICNIC...

Nurse Carrie & Da'Gorgeouses

Nurse Stacie & Da'Gorgeouses

After the Preemie Picnic @ the Park w/ Welita E.




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