Monday, October 6, 2008

It Might Make Me "a little" Crazy...

So like I've said before, DrillSgt. is all about spontaneity and impulse sometimes, and sometimes it makes me a little crazy because I'm not really like that at all. This Sunday was one of those times. He decided last minute last night that we were going to take Da'Gorgeouses and do something with them. He hadn't decided quite what we were going to do, or where we were going to go but we were going somewhere to do something (this was at 4 pm mind you). So I wake LongRifle up from her 2 hour nap (I swear she'd still be asleep if I hadn't gone in to wake her) and we started to get them ready. He had mentioned maybe heading over to visit his brother and check out the new house they'd just moved into (but that would entail a hour drive---one way---and well, Da'Gorgeouses are usually in bed by 8:30pm). Then he mentioned pie, or at least going out to eat, and maybe heading to the playground. Okay, so by now, I've got it in my mind that we are definitely headed somewhere---he had that energy about him---so it was time for me to get with the program and roll with the punches (something that I struggle with daily).

We're in the car, still undecided as to where we are going and then he suggests dinner in a nearby town. Okay, we'll be there by 5:45, no problem. As we're driving he decides we are going to eat at a restaurant across the street from a Pumpkin Patch, maybe when we get done they'll still be open. It's a Sunday so that was a no-go. Then he decides we're taking Da'Gorgeouses to Adventure Park and we'll just scope out the activities and see how late they're open. So Miniature Golf it was, Da'Gorgeouses had a blast playing golf just like Curious George. They did a ton of walking and climbing over things and they were soooo ready for bed. Thanks DrillSgt. I really appreciate the fact that you're sometimes so insistent on being spontaneous, Da'Gorgeouses have sooo much fun when you do things like that (ME TOO!).


Helene October 6, 2008 at 8:14 PM  

I'm glad to hear the adventure turned out so well! If Tim suggested doing something spontaneous with all our kids at 4:00 in the afternoon on a Sunday, I'd hand him the diaper bag and the car keys and say "have fun". You're a trooper!! And it sounds like the girls had a blast!



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