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Okay, so fair warning this is going to be a proud mama brag post. I'm still working off of DrillSgt's. laptop so please bear with me. (Boy do I miss my desktop).

Anyway, we took
Da'Gorgeouses to the HRIC to be evaluated. All premature babies, or babies born with difficulties are eligible for this evaluation. They bring in a team of specialists (well, specialists in working with preemies and high risk infants). We were evaluated by a nurse (she measured head circumference, weight, height, and pulse) her name was Kimberly and they really took a liking to her. I think it helped that she took them to see the fish tank and brought them some crayons to keep them entertained. Next the social worker Margie came in. We saw her last year too. She asked questions regarding our family unit and whether we had any questions or concerns regarding their development, growth or health. She asked if DrillSgt. and I made sure to take time for ourselves and as a couple, stating too often parents of premature infants or children with special needs can sometimes find themselves consumed by taking care of and only focusing on their children and sometimes neglecting their own needs and the needs of continuing to focus and pay attention to their relationship as a couple. We told her that we had learned that lesson, and DrillSgt. told her that usually I'm the one that let's him know we're going out on a date. She just laughed and asked if that was because I needed it more. He laughed and said, "No, it's because it's her parents that take care of the girls and so she's the one that asks them!"

After Margie left Kathy came in. Kathy was the nurse that took care of
Da'Gorgeouses a lot towards the very end. Mostly I think they ended up in the same room with her, she wasn't assigned to them. However, she has a wonderful personality and we really made a connection with her. Anyway, she had been in and out of the room during Kim's assessment and kind of listened in on what the girls were saying. She was quite surprised at how much they were talking and the things they were saying, she even said, "Okay, I guess I don't have to assess them, they're doing fine." I just laughed and she said, "Seriously, I don't even know how to assess them!" When she finally came in she asked them a bunch of questions, asked them to do specific things, they could do most of them---they couldn't draw a stick figure person, or build a bridge. After she was finished assessing them, she said, "Wow, seriously they're really smart! I have a nephew who's 3, he was born full term and doesn't speak as clearly as they do. They're even using complete sentences, changing and using the terms I, you, and me correctly. They know the sounds the letters make, even out of sequence. They can count to twenty (and actually if you give them the next number like 30 they follow the pattern up to 39, then you have to give them 40 and they'll continue--she was super shocked when we told her that!). They've got to be the smartest kids I've ever assessed!" Okay, that totally made me smile from the inside out. Even now when I think about it, it just lifts me up, and I feel like I'm walking on air---lol! It's just made it all worthwhile and reinforced the decision we've made as a family for me to stay home these last 2 years. So when all was said and done, Kathy told us that they were scoring at the 3 year old level and above (particularly in the verbal area), and that they were scoring at the 3 year old level in physical abilities also. That was good news for us, because we have been concerned with their gross motor skills, but they've really improved in that area since DrillSgt. has been taking them out to the playground and we've been working on coloring, drawing, using scissors, glue, etc (fine motor skills) at home. So HOORAY!!

Last, but not least,
Camela came in. Camela was the main nurse in charge on Pistol's NICU transport team the day Da'Gorgeouses were born. She really kept an eye on both girls during their stay, although after transport she never worked one on one with them again (which was a good thing because they put nurses with her expertise with the babies that are really struggling). Since then she's become a Nurse Practitioner and does the final stage of the assessment then makes the decision on what's to happen now. Well, she came in, listened to their heart, lungs, bowels, checked ears, eyes, etc., reviewed all of the results from the others and said, "They're doing wonderful, this is what we're always happy to see, a textbook example. They've done extremely well these 23 weekers, so we're releasing them from the program, this is the last time we'll be seeing them! We hope you'll continue to stay in touch and inform us of their development, and that you'll continue to attend the Preemie Picnic (which btw, is next Saturday). "

What a relief, what a miracle, what a blessing we've had. Writing all of this down and reliving all the emotions from the very start...well, it has me crying all over again. Crying tears of joy that is. How fortunate and blessed I am to have 2 such beautiful, happy, and amazing little girls that really came into this world nothing but a small flicker of a flame, so delicate and fragile. Things could have turned out much differently of this I am truly aware, but by God's good grace, He blessed us with two flames that now shine brightly!


gardngirl October 5, 2008 at 3:53 PM  

Hooray for Da'Gorgeouses!!! So awesome to hear those things about the girls isn't it? I am so glad they have done so well. As I have said before they are AMAZING! Congratulations on a great appointment. :)



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