Thursday, October 16, 2008

Olivia the Pig!

Da'Gorgeouses have found a new obsession...Olivia the Pig! TioW & TiaC bought them a whole bunch of books (and clothes) for their birthday last year and the Olivia book was one of them. As soon as we started reading it they fell in love, maybe it was her attitude, maybe it was the simple colors used, who knows (but I tend to think they could totally relate to her because her mommy puts her in time out!). Whatever the reason, they now love OLIVIA the pig! So I did some searching yesterday and found out that very soon there will be a plush doll of Olivia available for purchase (I'm seriously thinking this would make a good Christmas gift...along with the other Olivia books---we only have Olivia right now). During my search I also discovered this fabric with Olivia all over it, I'm now wondering if there would be something easy that I could make them if I purchase this fabric. Hmmm? I suppose I need to practice my sewing skills a little more before I start thinking about making them stuff--LOL!




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